Sumatra Mandheling 12oz

Sumatra Mandheling 12oz


Tasting Notes: Cedar, Syrupy, Dark Cherry, Foresty

Roasting Soundtrack: Grateful Dead

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Sumatran coffee has become a staple in the Specialty Coffee Industry and with good reason. The distinctive flavors that have brought Indonesian coffee to popularity can be attributed to several things, but 2 hugely important factors rise to the top. First is the character of the rich volcanic soil in the "Ring of Fire" region of the Pacific. Having active volcanoes may not be conducive to avoiding natural disasters, but it's a surefire way to ensure perfect soil for coffee growing. Second, is the wet-hulled processing method unique to this region. This semi-washed method allows the coffee cherry to dry partially while it's still on the bean for a day or so before it is finally washed off and dried again. This method results in a low-acid, earthy, heavy bodied bean with lots of complexity. It also leaves the beans with a deep green-blue color, which is an easy way to distinguish most Indonesian beans.

Grade 1 represents the highest grade of coffee from the Mandheling region. While wet-hulled coffee is notoriously uneven to roast, this coffee is surprisingly consistent due to its stringent screening standards. It's got a rich, syrupy body and texture with a smokey bite and low acidity. The flavor profile is complex and distinctive with big notes of baker's chocolate, pipe tobacco and just a hint of spicy black pepper and cedar. This coffee stands very well on it's own but it's also one our favorite coffees to blend into West Coast or Hybrid espresso blends for smokey bite and body.