Iā€™m a Wingnut.

Hello, Thank you for taking the time to check out my passion project. I Hand Roast all the coffee that is available. I converted a grill/smoker and with a 10lbs drum with fins that help throw the raw coffee to create an even roast, I can create some of the smoothest and most amazing coffee. I love coffee, music and film.

I moved back to my home state of WI, 6yrs ago and that is when I started roasting. I was not able to find any good coffee locally. I had traveled and lived around the world as a Freelance Director and Producer fortunate enough to taste coffee from a variety of regions.

Through my curiosity, I was able to create what was an amazingly delicious and smooth roast. I started side hustling it and now here we are.

I work full-time as a video producer for Vortex Optics, and recently created a music podcast, Solace Creek Vinyl where I record my vinyl collection and talk about the music and interview people. I love creating experiences for others to enjoy.

The story behind Solace Creek Coffee is to bring the simple times back to people in this advanced and stressful digital age. To remember that when we slow down and reconnect with nature, we can find SOLACE.

Thank you.